The Scandalous Covers of Hollywood Nights

Hollywood Nights was a pulp magazine that was published from 1930 through 1932 and then again in 1936 and 1937.  Judging from the covers, it was a magazine that featured what would have then been considered “racy” covers about what went on behind the scenes of Hollywood.  The covers were largely pin-ups of aspiring and usually scantily-clad actresses, either posing for the movie camera or getting into some sort of trouble.

Here’s a small sampling of the covers of Hollywood Nights!  Where known, the artist has been credited.

April, 1930 (First Issue)

May, 1930

July 1930

January, 1931

July, 1931

September, 1931, by Enoch Bolles

October, 1931

January, 1932

April, 1936, by George Quintana

July, 1936

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