Music Video of the Day: A Public Affair by Jessica Simpson (2006, dir by Brett Ratner)

How famous do you want to be?

This music video features Jessica Simpson and her friends — Christina Applegate, Christina Milian, and Eva Longoria — hitting the roller rink and debating how famous they would like to be.  They’re already famous enough that Ryan Seacrest is driving their limo and Andy Dick is handing them their roller skates.  What was going on with Andy Dick anyways?  I’ve never heard one person, famous or not, describe a positive interaction with Andy Dick but somehow, for a few years, he just seemed to show up everywhere.  Were that many people really saying, “I want Dick in 2006.”  Wait, that didn’t come out right …. oh well, I’m too lazy to rephrase.

This video was directed by Brett Ratner.  There used to be a reality show called On The Lot.  It was like American Idol for aspiring filmmakers.  One of the guest judges was Brett Ratner and all the contestants were like, “I mean, Brett Ratner is the guy who made me want to make movies!”  I always thought that was a weird reason to want to make movies.  It was also a weird thing to admit to.  I mean, Brett Ratner pretty much is a walking episode of Entourage.  That said, Brett has always been pretty honest about being an overgrown frat boy so I don’t get as annoyed with him as I do with certain other directors.

Brett was originally meant to produce one of the recent Oscar telecasts but he had to step down due to some controversial statements he made in the past.  Eddie Murphy was scheduled to host but Murphy stepped down as well.  Nobody asked Andy Dick to take their place so maybe Hollywood’s gotten over needing Dick.  Wait….

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