Lisa Marie’s Week In Television: 1/15/23 — 1/21/23

Again, this was another week that was, for the most part, dedicated to watching movies.  Here’s a few thoughts on the television that I did watch.

Abbott Elementary (Wednesday Night, ABC)

This week was not only an Ava episode but it also featured a cat so you know I enjoyed it!

The Brady Bunch Hour (YouTube)

I watched and reviewed the first episode of The Brady Bunch Hour!  I’ve got 8 more episodes to review and, to be honest, I’m kind of feeling like I’m going to regret this decision.  The pilot was amusing because it was so corny and …. well, bad.  Unfortunately, corny and bad can only be entertaining for so long.  I know I’m probably going to get bored with this show after the 4th episode but, at the same time, I also know that it’s something that I need to watch and get out of my system.  I guess it’s better to suffer than to always wonder.

Football Game: Bengals vs Ravens (Sunday Night, NBC)

Jeff and I watched a football game on Sunday night.  Jeff’s from Baltimore so we were rooting for the Ravens but they lost to the other team and they also lost their chance to go to the Super Bowl.  That seems kind of unfair, to be honest, but I guess you only get one chance to win a game in football.  What I find strange about football is that each quarter is only 15 minutes long but each game seems to last a little over four hours.  If I was in charge of the NFL, I would get the clocks in the stadiums checked out because I think they’re running slow.

One thing I really hate about football is when the losing players start crying at the end of the game.  That always breaks my heart.  It’s just a game, I want to tell them.  You all still have so much living to look forward to!

The Cowboys are playing tomorrow and I hope they win because, if they don’t, everyone down here is going to be whining about it for the next nine months.

Hell’s Kitchen (Thursday Night, FOX)

The black jackets have been handed out.  It seems kind of obvious that Alex is going to win this season so there’s really not much suspense.  That said, it’s always nice to see Chef Ramsay actually being nice and encouraging for once.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show (Hulu)

I watched a few episodes on Tuesday.  I actually lost track of how many I watched but the one that I remember was about a clown getting stepped on by an elephant.  It made me laugh!  I might have to binge this show later.  I wonder why I didn’t review this show instead of the Brady Bunch Hour.  Oh well!  Hindsight is 20/20.

Night Court (Tuesday Night, NBC)

I watched the first two episodes of this new reboot series on Tuesday.  They didn’t really do much for me, though I do like Melissa Rauch so I hope the show can settle on a consistent tone over the next few episodes.  I was glad that Dan at least trimmed his beard but he really needs to just shave the whole thing off.  I don’t know what it is with older actors and their need to grow big, Santa Claus-style beards.

Project Greenlight (YouTube)

I watched the last two episodes of season three on Thursday.  John Gulager finished filming Feast and, unlike other Greenlight winners, his film actually looked like a real movie.  It’s a bit weird to watch a show like Project Greenlight now and listen to everyone talk about how much they respect the opinions of Harvey and Bob Weinstein.  I can also see why Chris Moore declined to return for the fourth season reboot because I doubt it was fun to be continually portrayed as being the angriest boss in Hollywood.

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