Retro Television Review: One World 2.4 “The Tangled Web” and 2.5 “Playing the Field”

Welcome to Retro Television Reviews, a new feature where we review some of our favorite and least favorite shows of the past!  On Fridays, I will be reviewing One World, which ran on NBC from 1998 to 2001.  The entire show is currently streaming on Tubi!

The Cast of One World

One world, one world …. but will those brothers and sisters uptown ever stop living on the streets….

One World 2.4 “The Tangled Web”

(Directed by Mary Lou Belli, originally aired on October 9th, 1999)

Every TNBC show featured at least one episode about waiting in line for concert tickets.  (On Saved By The Bell, it was all about getting U2 concerts at the mall.)  Every TNBC show would also feature at least one or two episodes about sneaking out of the house late at night.  Apparently, that was almost as big a problem in the 90s as teenage gambling.  One World combined these two storylines by having Jane and Sui sneak out of the house to get concert tickets.

Meanwhile, at The Warehouse (a.k.a., Miami’s Hottest Under-21 Club), Ben wants to date the new waitress, Gina.  Marci warns that Gina has just come out of a bad relationship and is very fragile.  “She needs a certain type of man,” Marci says, “and that man is not you!”

“Awwwwww!’ the audience replies.

Anyway, Sui and Jane get busted by the cops for violating curfew.  A social worker is sent to the house to determine whether or not the Blakes are adequate foster parents.  For some reason, Sui and Jane decide that it’s a good idea to hire actors to pretend to be their parents.  (You may remember Zach doing the same thing when Mr. Belding wanted to see his father.)

Meanwhile, Ben dates Gina but he tries to condition himself so that he won’t try to kiss her.  He does this by having Neal and Cray administer electric shocks to him while he watches Baywatch….

Especially when compared to the first season’s episodes, it’s all a bit too cartoonish for its own good.  Far too often, TNBC shows featured problems that could have easily been solved by the people on the show not acting like a bunch of idiots.  This is one of those episodes.  Let’s move on.

One World 2.5 “Playing the Field”

(Directed by Mary Lou Belli, originally aired on October 16th, 1999)

“No more rules for anyone!” Dave Blake announces, trying to teach his children why the house rules are important.  Soon, the house descends into chaos.

Even more importantly, the coach of a rival school is sending Sui gifts in an effort to bribe her into switching schools!  Isn’t that illegal?  Sui also gets a new boyfriend but it turns out that it’s all a part of the plot to get her to transfer.  Boooo!  What an evil school.

Watching this episode, I found myself kind of wishing that I had played soccer in high school.  Getting gifts from other coaches seems like it would be fun!

Anyway, this was a cool episode because it was a Sui episode but I do have to admit that I couldn’t stop cringing at the sight of that progressively messier house.  We’re all living in one world.  Keep it clean!

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