Remember When The Burger King Was Your Trainer?

The bad news is that work has been really busy this week.

The good news is that, a few weekends ago, I got my old Xbox out of storage and I discovered that it still works!  I’ve been blowing off steam by playing Fight Night Round 3, which I still think is the best boxing game that I’ve ever played.  From the creation of your boxer to the training to the path to becoming champion, Fight Night Round 3 is one addicting fight game.  I do think that the game cheats by letting your opponent take more punishment than I think any other boxer could handle but that’s what games do.

After all these years, I had forgotten that you could pick the Burger King to be your trainer.

Back when this game first came out, how many of you were like me and automatically picked The Burger King because you thought he’d give you some sort of special skill in the ring that none of the other, non-mascot trainers could provide?  I always went with The Burger King as my trainer until I realized he wasn’t any good.  All he did was dance around the stage and probably steal my prize money when I wasn’t looking.  Back in the day, I actually got sick of seeing him listed as even being an option.  I wanted to fire him and bring in a real trainer, like Jack from Jack in the Box or maybe the Grimace.

This weekend, when I played the game for the first time in years, I used the Burger King as my trainer for old times sake.  Oscar de la Hoya knocked me out in three rounds.  I’m done with the Burger King but I look forward to playing Fight Night until my Xbox finally gives up the ghost.

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