Retro Television Reviews: Hang Time 1.11 “The Bachelor Pad” and 1.12 “Poetic Justice”

Welcome to Retro Television Reviews, a feature where we review some of our favorite and least favorite shows of the past!  On Mondays, I will be reviewing Hang Time, which ran on NBC from 1995 to 2000.  The entire show is currently streaming on YouTube!

We are reaching the conclusion of the first season of Hang Time and it’s time for us to ask where we’re all going with this show.  What will be the ultimate conclusion of Deering’s season?  Let’s get in the mood to find out with the Hang Time theme song!

Get out on that court and put it in the basket!

Episode 1.11 “The Bachelor Pad”

(Directed by Howard Murray, originally aired on November 18th, 1995)

“Great game, everyone!” Coach Fuller announces at the start of this episode, letting us know that Deering is finally having a good season.  I wonder if they’ll make it to the state championship?  (Of course, they will!  A show would never be made about a merely adequate team.  That seems a bit unfair, though.  Most high school teams are merely adequate and surely, they deserve some representation as well!)

There’s trouble in paradise!  Danny’s parents are out of town and, for some reason, this leads to Danny staying at Coach Fuller’s penthouse for three days.  A student staying with his teacher and coach for the weekend?  I remember when this happened on Degrassi.  The end result was the coach getting fired and the student being traumatized for life.  Seriously, Danny staying with Fuller seems massively inappropriate but I guess the 90s were a different time.  Meanwhile, Sam is worried that no one takes her seriously because she’s just the equipment manager.

Anyway, you can guess what happens, can’t you?  Coach Fuller goes out for the evening.  Danny does the Risky Business dance in Fuller’s penthouse and then everyone from school shows up.  The wild party leads to Fuller’s $3,000 chair getting damaged.  The next day, during the game, Fuller learns about the party and the damage to his chair and he chases Danny out onto the court.  Fuller is kicked out of the game and Sam has to take over.  Sam coaches the team to victory and the team apologizes to the coach.  Yay!

Oh — and due to winning that game, the team is going to the league championship!  Take that, merely adequate teams!

As for the episode itself, this is another one of those episodes that drives me crazy because every problem that the characters run into is due to their own stupidity.  Still, it was nice that Hillary Tuck finally got a chance to shine.  The team owes their victory to a redhead.  Yay, Sam!

Episode 1.12 “Poetic Justice”

(Directed by Howard Murray, originally aired on November 25th, 1995)

“Chris and I are a couple!” Julie announces at the end of this episode.

“A couple of what?” Mary Beth responds and I’ll admit right now that I laughed.  Megan Parlen’s delivery was perfect on that line.

Mary Beth has reason to be upset because, just before Julie made her announcement, she was telling Chris that she wanted to get back together with him.  Mary Beth may have thought that she was over Chris but Earl encouraged her to write a poem about her feelings and that led to Mary Beth realizing that she was still in love with her ex.

Earl’s a poet now?  Yep.

Julie is finally ready to public with her relationship with Chris?  Yep.

The championship is coming up with all of this drama going on?  Yep.

Yes, it’s all kind of silly but it was worth it for that one line.  “A couple of what?”  It made me laugh and that really is kind of the point of the show.

Next week, it’s championship time!

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