Titans – When Good Shows Go Bad- Review By Case Wright

Who do you blame when a good show goes bad? In this case, I think we can blame Greg Berlanti. Greg is a terrific artist, but he spreads himself too thin, gets distracted, and all of his show go up in smoke after two seasons. I think he just gets bored too easily. Arrow was great the first two and a half seasons, but it started a rapid decline once Greg made 100 different cape shows. Titans follows that pattern as well. The first two season of Titans was some of the greatest television that I’d ever seen. It was realistic, dark, and had humor. The cast was diverse and terrific. The fight scenes looked amazingly real. Not since The Watchmen, could I see myself living in a world with superheroes.

Then Titans, like you’re first real relationship with a person whom you thought about marrying – fell apart when your study session with the blonde outdoorsy girl with the Italian last name took a left turn, your lady found out, and she quickly started dating an event planner with a ponytail.

Anywho, once Alan Ritchson (Hawk) moved on to Reacher on Amazon Prime, the show lost its heart; it stopped being realistic. The worst example of this was casting Jay Lycurgo as Tim Drake. To be clear, he is a good actor, but he’s 100lbs soaking wet. See below.

This character had no superpowers and Tim was knocking out dudes twice his size with one punch. It looked straight up silly. Caped crusader movies are kinda goofy just by having people run around in these weird outfits. This was a bridge too far. His acting is good, but this is an action show- not some IFC thinkpiece about skinny Gen-Z bloggers. When he tried to fight and look tough, I couldn’t help but laugh. It’s just stupid looking and takes you totally out of their world. Don’t waste your time- Greg has clearly moved on and let the laziest writing and casting take over. All of the realism and fun has been drained out of the show with the precision of a surgeon.

“51%” Jonathan Crane develops a fear toxin because that’s what he does. “Home” – we watch Hawk die and the series with him. “Souls” – we see Hawk, Tim, and Donna again, but sadly all 100lbs of Tim Drake doesn’t stay dead- too bad for us. “Troubled Water”, “The Call is Coming From Inside The House”, “Prodigal”, and “Purple Rain” Donna comes back to life and Tim Drake – The hero who no one deserves- saves the day from fear toxin by making it rain lightning or something similarly dumb.

But Case, this review is so short. My response: I didn’t give up on this show, Greg did. There is nothing worthwhile here anymore. Take up a hobby, but don’t watch this show anymore. It’s simply not worth it. Greg, you are loved and have proven to make great television; well, up to 26- 38 episodes of it before you lose that lovin feelin. You’ve lost that lovin feelin could be Greg’s Biography. Greg, try a new song as your spiritual touchstone…Waterfalls are pretty and nice, but if you go chasing them – you lose your greatest love- stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to. Please let’s both not kid ourselves, The Flash and Legends was never going to complement Arrow and my study session was NEVER about the books.

The Great Philosophers TLC knew it best…. Greg, have a listen…..

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