Game Review: Locked Door II: Fair Trade (2022, Cody Gaisser)


You’re in a room.  There’s one door.  It’s locked.  Does this seem familiar?  Maybe you played Locked Door, to which this game is the first of many sequels.  Can you figure out how to unlock the door?  In the first game, the key was just sitting in the room.  In this game, the key is not mentioned as being in the room.  Instead, there’s some schlub named Bob and there’s an apple.  Can you figure out what to do?

Like the first game, Locked Door II will be appreciated by people who have played and struggled with games that require them to figure out some sort of complex puzzle in order to open up a door.  Locked Door II does have a puzzle but it’s so simple that it makes a statement about how needlessly complicated some other games can be.

If you get that door unlocked, you’ll get a prize.  Unlike the first game, you’ll have to find prize, though.  Just look in the most obvious place.

So far, there are seven different Locked Door games.  From what I understand, each game gets progressively more complex.  Eventually, I’ll probably end up in a room that I can’t get out of and I’ll have to stop playing.  Will it happen with Locked Door III?  Tune in next week to find out.

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