Music Video of the Day: Shinigami Eyes by Grimes (2022, dir by BRTHR)

Today’s music video of the day is this futuristic clip from Grimes.  I won’t say much about it because I’m not feeling exactly great right now but I will point out that, by the time you watch this, Elon Musk will have viewed it over a hundred times.  (I know that they’re “semi-separated” but I think that’s just something that people say.  It’s like when I say that I’m semi-annoyed or semi-happy.  It’s all just words that you toss out to keep the conversation going.)

For the record, I always like these futuristic clips.  The future is something I think about a lot because that’s where I’m going to spend the rest of my life.  But the thing with visions of the future is that they only seem futuristic if you can go back and look at them from the perspective from someone in the past.  I guess if I was a visitor from 1950, 2022 would seem pretty futuristic but since I live every day in 2022, today just seems like the present.

And really, until an android is elected President, it’s probably always going to seem like that.  Oh well!  Personally, I hope that doesn’t happen in my lifetime because androids are always like, “What is this thing you humans call laughter?”  Like figure it out for yourself, android dude.


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