Music Video of the Day: Disco Duck by Rick Dees & His Cast of Idiots (1976, dir by ????)

I have long been of the opinion that everything that happened in the world of entertainment during the 70s was the result of cocaine.  If you doubt me, then I dare you to explain this to me:

Now, I’m not making the argument that the song Disco Duck was necessarily written while anyone was high, though it probably was.  However, I am arguing that a lot of people probably first heard the song while they were high and perhaps trying to talk to a duck and that explains why Disco Duck became a hit.  Apparently, it also won the 1977 People’s Choice Award for Best New Song and again, everyone knows that the People’s Choice Awards were determined by people who spent most of their spare time with a credit card, a mirror, and rolled-up twenty.  That’s just the truth of the matter.

Anyway, Rick Dees was a DJ and Disco Duck was a novelty record.  The song is officially credited to Rick Dee and His Cast of Idiots but, personally, I think the band was being a bit too self-critical with that name.  I mean, it takes a certain amount of intelligence to turn a song called Disco Duck into a number one hit.  The song, itself, is not actually about a duck but about a man who dances like a duck …. wait a minute, what?  How do you dance like a duck?  (“With great difficulty!  Ha ha ha!”  Thank you, hack comedian.)  It doesn’t matter.  The song was a hit.

This performance was from a show called Midnight Special.  It aired on October 29th, 1976, just a few days before Halloween.  According to the imdb, ABBA, KC & The Sunshine Band, and the Bay City Rollers also appeared on this episode but none of them performed with a guy in a duck costume.


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