Happy 2022 From All The Writers (and the Cat) at the Shattered Lens!

It’s a new year.  Meh!

(Meh, by the way, is the way that cats say, “Yay!”)

You did it!

You survived 2021!

Though my expression may remains neutral and unimpressed, please know that I am very proud of you.

2021 was a year when humans everywhere proved that they should just be quiet and let cats run the planet.  Well, 2021 is over now.  It’s 2022 and hopefully, everyone will try to do better over the upcoming 12 months….

Of course, they probably won’t.  I mean, they never do.  I’ve been telling humans to do better for close to 13 years now and it still doesn’t seem to make any difference.  People don’t listen to the cats and that is their loss.  This is going to be a crazy year, because the humans in America are having an election in November and it seems like 60% of them have already climbed up to the top of the tree and decided to try to jump back down to the patio without even bothering to estimate the distance of their fall!  Cats know better, whereas humans always end up with broken bones and sprained ankles.  Not only do the humans have elections to worry about that, but there’s also the risk of runaway inflation, social media drama, bad weather, and the danger of vampire wombats.  Seriously, if you haven’t started to prepare for the vampire wombats, I don’t know what to tell you.  You better get started!

So you know what?

When the outside world gets too insane or annoying or whatever, we want to provide a place for you to escape.  This year, the TSL is 12 years old and the Shattered Lens humans have got a lot planned!  They’re going to make 2022 a great, great year, even with the danger of the vampire wombats.

So, remember — when things get crazy and when everything just seems to be too weird to deal with, TSL is here for you!

Here’s what we have to look forward to in 2022: the Oscars!  New films from some of your favorite human directors!  Even more debate about the the MCU!  Arleigh and Lisa will undoubtedly disagree about Avatar 2!  A thousand streaming services!  More Baby Yoda memes!  Pam and Tommy!  Cyrano!  Cannes!  Sundance!  Theme months!  Vampire wombats!  Embracing the Melodrama!  Back to School!  Shattered Politics!  18 Days of Paranoia!

Welcome to 2022!  Let’s make it great one and, when in doubt, look to the cats for wisdom!  If cats ran the country, there were be no war.  There would be no vampire wombats.  In fact, there would be no government.  In fact, it would probably work better as a sitcom than a reality.  Cats already run the world. You can have your government and your wombats and all the rest.  Just leave the music and the movies and all of the streaming services for the cats. It’s not too much to ask.

Anyway, here’s hoping that all of you have a great 2022!  As the cat likes to say, “Meh.”

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