Book Review: The Rocklopedia Fakebandica by T. Mike Childs

Have you ever asked yourself, “Who was the imaginary band that sang that song that doesn’t actually exist in that fictional movie that I watched back in 2004?”

Well, fear not! The Rocklopedia Fakebandica can answer all of your fake band questions. This is a reference books that is solely devoted to fictional bands from the movies and from television. It may not be complete (because it was published 2004 and I don’t there’s ever been an updated edition) but it’s still pretty damn entertaining. California Dreams? They’re in here. Zack Attack? They get an entry. Of course, Rex Manning gets a mention but so does Berko, the musician who encouraged Gina to sing her heart out on the roof of Empire Records! Stillwater, the band from Almost Famous and not the recent Matt Damon film, is represented, along with a listing of the bands that the members were in before coming together. Spinal Tap gets an entry, of course. So does 4Skore, the boy band that Hank Hill thought was “kind of like Doo Wop” on King of the Hill.

It’s a fun book, written in an enjoyably sarcastic manner. Most fake bands aren’t that good and T. Mike Childs has no fear of calling them out. Take that, Zack Attack!

Incidentally, this one of the many books in my collection that I originally found at Recycled Books of Denton, Texas. Be sure to support your used bookstores. This not a book that I would have found if I was just searching on Amazon. This is a book that I found because I went down to a used bookstore and I walked up and down the aisles, seeing what they had available. I saw it, I was intrigued by the title, I pulled it off shelf, I smiled as I skimmed through it, and I bought it and, in the years since, it’s provided me with a lot of entertainment. Support physical media. Support book stores. You’ll miss them if you don’t.

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