Game Review: A Man Outside (2020, litrouke)

You are supposed to studying English and building your vocabulary but you keep getting distracted by the man standing outside your window.  It can be difficult to guess the right definition when you know that someone is hiding behind a tree and trying to get into your house.  You text your friend.  They suggest you call your mom.  Is that the solution or is there another way to survive a visit from the man outside?

This is a simple but atmospheric game.  There are three endings.  It was pretty easy to get the good ending.  I had to make some effort to trigger bad ending but it’s worth it because the bad ending is creepier than the good ending.  Other than clicking on the right (or wrong) definitions of the words, there’s really only one decision to be made but make the wrong one or do bad enough on your vocabulary quiz and you’ll soon be getting a visit from the man outside!

Play A Man Outside.

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