WNUF Halloween Special, Review By Case Wright

Hey my readers!!!! It is time for another horror review. I probably should be studying Differential Equations or determining the velocity of CO2 molecules on Venus…Really, I did that today- They move at .649 m/s. If you’re ever on Venus and wonder, Man this CO2 is really a mindbender…I wonder how fast the molecules are movin’? SPOILER ALERT- It’s .649 m/s. If I had a dollar for everytime that I needed to know how fast the air on Venus is blowin’ around- I’d have…I’d have exactly one dollar.

The WNUF Halloween Special is the best home movie ever made. The entire budget was $1500.00. Yep, that was it. I’m not going to judge this film too harshly. Did it have flaws? Sure, but 1500 bucks?! It was clear to me that the people who put their hearts and souls into making this treated it like a million dollar budget.

WNUF Halloween Special has 1980s ads that are so on point; it’s all but impossible to tell them from the real thing. Honestly, I would bet dollars to donuts that the Duffer Brothers saw this film and were more than inspired by it.

The movie is presented as a live broadcast of a local news station on Halloween. The commercials were absolutely accurate. I remember being a little kid and seeing these ads and remember dressing up for Halloween and my Gen X babysitters with their big hair and crazy makeup.

The newscast focuses on a Haunted House and the B-story of a group of right-wing religious fanatics. The movie came out just a bit before the Conjuring. This nostalgia drips a bit every 20 years or so. The movie does a good job of delivering a couple of scares. More importantly, it has a heart of determination to put out a movie. This movie was loved. If you have a Shudder subscription, it’s a must watch!

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