Artwork of the Day: Sophie (by Hans Helweg)

Sophie Hans Helweg

by Hans Helweg

All I can guess is that they really hated oranges in France.

According to the book’s entry on Amazon, Sophie was originally published in 1960.  There’s only one review posted for the book, from a user named Clifford.  According to Clifford, Geoffrey Wagner was born in England but worked in New York.  He was an English professor and he spoke several different languages.  Clifford goes on to write that Sophie is about a woman who was also born in England but found work in another country.  After growing up with a family of smugglers, Sophie eventually works her way up (and through) the aristocracy of post-Revolutionary France.  Apparently, the book is based on fact.

The cover was done by Hans Helweg, one of the many that he did for Pan Books.

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