Music Video of the Day: Shattered Dreams by Johnny Hates Jazz (1988, directed by David Fincher)

If you did not already know that David FIncher directed the music video for Shattered Dreams, you would guess it as soon as you watched it.

Everything about this video, from the black-and-white cinematography to the disorientating camera angles to its overall melancholy feel, identifies this as being the work of David Fincher.  Long before Fincher ever directed his first film (Alien 3 in 1992, though Fincher has subsequently disowned the film due to the amount of studio interference that he had to deal with), he was a director of commercials and music videos.  Even at the start of his career, Fincher’s aesthetic vision was so clearly defined that his work stood out.  Fincher’s music videos are more than just showcases for musicians.  They are also mini-films, each one of which tells its own unique story.

This was the first single to be released by Johnny Hates Jazz and, to this date, it remains their biggest hit.  Despite popular belief, there is no one named Johnny in the band.  The three members of the band did have a mutual friend named Johnny who apparently hated jazz, which somehow led to the band’s name.  When the band was first signed to Virgin Records, they were playing in a jazz club so jazz has actually been good to Johnny Hates Jazz.


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