Lifetime Film Review: My Nightmare Landlord (dir by Dylan Vox)

So, put yourself in Lydia’s situation.

Lydia (played by Caroline Harris) is a student at the local college and she’s doing her best to write the paper that will basically determine the rest of her life.  However, she keeps getting distracted.  For one thing, she just broke up with her boyfriend and now both she and her cat are practically homeless.  While it’s true that she does have a job at the library, it’s doubtful that the head librarian would be willing to allow her to sleep down in periodicals.  It’s just not done.

However, one rainy day, Lydia happens to stumble into an apartment building.  The first thing that she sees is apartment manager Drew (Ignacyo Matynia), shirtless and doing manly building work.  Things are looking up already!  Drew also explains that he just happens to have an empty apartment.  It seems that the last tenant left suddenly and all of her furniture is still in the apartment!  Lydia can not only move in but she also won’t have to buy a new couch!

Sounds great, right?

Well, it gets even better.  First off, this apartment is HUGE!  Seriously, I was really proud of the first apartment that I ever got when I was in college.  I mean, I had chairs in the living room and everything!  But my little apartment was nothing compared to the apartment in this movie!  Secondly, Drew is like really hot and nice and he and Lydia have instant chemistry.

Of course, there are some problems.  First off, Lydia is terrified of the dark, to the extent that she has panic attacks if the lights dim, which is something that happens with disturbing regularity inside of the otherwise perfect apartment.  Secondly, Drew is possessive and crazy and murderous.  I mean, you probably already guessed that second part.  After all, the film is called My Nightmare Landlord and it’s a Lifetime film.  One of the rules of Lifetime is that any guy who appears to be too good to be true is ultimately going to end up committing two murders before tying you to a chair and talking about how the two of you belong together.  That’s just the way way things work and that’s pretty much what happens here.

But you know what?  That apartment is seriously nice.  In fact, I would say that it’s such a great apartment that it might be worth the risk of having a nightmare landlord.  (Technically, of course, Drew is just the apartment manager.  But My Nightmare Apartment Manager does have quite the same ring to it.)  Of course, Drew does take things a bit too far when he starts letting himself into the apartment at all hours of the night.  That’s definitely not a good thing.  I would probably change the locks after I moved in.  Still, it’s a really nice place….

Anyway, this isn’t the first Lifetime film about a crazed apartment manger and it probably won’t be the last.  As I’ve said in many other reviews, the familiarity of these films is a huge part of their appeal.  I will say that Caroline Harris is a likable protagonist and she does a good job capturing Lydia’s fear of the dark and making it feel real.  And Ignacyo Matynia is both dangerously handsome and believably charming as the apartment manager from Hell.  I enjoyed the film almost as much as I loved the apartment.

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