Through the Shattered Lens Live Tweets The People’s Choice Awards

Hi, everyone!  Leonard and I watched and live tweeted the People’s Choice Awards tonight!  Here’s a selection of what was said!

First off, I was upfront about why I was watching this silly awards show in the first place:

The show itself was weird.  Demi Lovato was a charming host but the format itself — basically, the show was just one big zoom call — felt weird and awkward.  There was a lot of green neon, as if the show was taking place in the future as envisioned by people in the 90s.

Leonard liked it a little bit more than I did:

Shots of people watching the show from their homes couldn’t really replace the excitement of having a real audience.  A lot of the acceptance speeches fell flat because, regardless of how heartfelt they may have been, there really wasn’t anyone around to react to them.  There were no standing ovations.  No spontaneous laughter or boos.  There wasn’t even an orchestra to play people when they talked for too long.  It was just awkward.  Even the show’s attempt to liven things up by having random people in their living rooms open up the envelopes and read the winners failed to add much excitement to things.

As for the winners …. eh.  Ellen Pompeo was named the People’s TV Actress and apparently this was the fifth time she had won one of those things?  Ellen DeGeneres won Best Daytime Talk Show and gave yet another speech about how much she actually loves her staff.  Some of the winners were good but a lot of them felt fixed.  More than once, I wondered who exactly votes for these awards.

On the plus side, Jennifer Lopez and Tyler Perry both gave heartfelt speeches when they won their special awards.

Anyway, for the most part, it was an okay night.  No one really made a fool out of themselves.  Most of the speeches were decent.  The format was awkward and I really hope that the Oscars can somehow work out the kinks before their ceremony.  (Ideally, COVID would just magically disappear between now and the Oscars but that’s probably not going to happen.)

If you want to read all of our tweets from the ceremony, check out The Shattered Lens on Twitter!  We’ll be doing more live tweets soon.  This was sort of a test run and it went pretty well, I think.  Thank you for reading!

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