Enter The World Of “Exit”

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Featuring a large ensemble cast of characters who rotate in and out and back again (including former president William Howard Taft), a deadpan sense of humor, and a series of set-ups that are clearly well planned but in no way feel belabored, it’s easy to be impressed by Miles MacDiarmid’s densely-packed Exit for its scope, audacity, and ingenuity, no question — but you’ll have to pardon me if all that, at least in this critic’s view, don’t mean shit if the art’s no good. And the art may just be the most striking feature of this comic.

I’ve come to expect no less from the Freak Comics publishing collective, who released this in late 2019, but even by the this outfit’s high standards, this is a really good-looking ‘zine. Starting with a cover that knocks you out with the sheer intricacy of its cross-hatched detail (I mean, it practically looks…

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