Music Video of the Day: I’m Bored by Iggy Pop (1979, directed by ????)

Listening to the lyrics and watching the video, I think Iggy Pop might have been bored when he came up with this song.

This song is off of Iggy’s third studio album, New Values.  This was the first of Iggy Pop’s solo albums to not have had any involvement from David Bowie.  New Values was well-received by the critics but it wasn’t a commercial success, peaking at #180 on the Billboard Top 200.  Among the album’s notable fans is Charles Thompson IV, who is better known by the names Frank Black and Black Francis.  It’s easy to imagine I’m Bored as a Pixies song, isn’t it?

While Iggy Pop was promoting New Values in Australia, he appeared on the show Countdown, which was Australia’s version of American Bandstand and Top of the Pops.  In an appearance that would subsequently become legendary, Iggy Pop made no attempt to hide the fact that he was lip-syncing I’m Bored and, at one point, he even stuffed his microphone down his pants and attempted to dance with the teenage girls in the audience.  After the “performance,” Iggy was interviewed by the show’s host and spent the entire time jumping up and down on his chair and shouting, “G’Day, mate!” in a mock-Australian accent.  The video for I’m Bored was subsequently filmed in New Zealand.


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