Music Video Of The Day: Thanks For The Love by Earth & Fire (1975, directed by ????)

Up until YouTube recommended this video to me a few hours ago, I had never heard of Earth & Fire.  In fact, when this video first popped up under my recommendations, I assumed that it was for a song that Earth, Wind, and Fire had performed with a special guest singer.

Once I played the video, I discovered that wasn’t the case.  Instead, Earth & Fire was a Dutch group that was active from 1968 to 1983.  They were big in the Netherlands but it appears that they never really broke through in the rest of the world.  This was also apparently one of those bands that went through a large number of different line-ups over the course of its existence.  Wikipedia lists a total of 16 musicians who were, at one time or another, a member of Earth & Fire.  The band’s lead singer was Jerney Kaagman, who went on to become the president of the Dutch musicians’ union and who was one of the judges on Idols, the Dutch version of the British show Pop Idol.  (Pop Idol also served as the inspiration for American Idol.)

Earth & Fire had a series of hits as a prog rock outfit in the early to mid-70s.  In the later part of the 70s, they tried to rebrand themselves as a disco act.  Apparently, it didn’t work because the band broke up shortly afterwards.

When it was released as a single in 1975, Thanks For The Love reached number 8 on the Dutch Top 40.  This music video, like many of the videos that were released in the days before MTV, is a simple performance clip.


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