SXSW 2020 Review: Still Wylde (dir by Ingrid Haas)

Still Wylde is an 11-minute film about a long-time couple, Gertie (Ingrid Haas) and Sam (Barry Rothbart), and what happens when Gertie gets pregnant with the child that they hope to name Wylde.

It’s a film that, if I may be allowed to indulge in a cliche, made me laugh and then made me cry.  And then it made me briefly laugh again and then it made me cry a lot.  It’s an emotional roller coaster and it’s also a good example of why the short film format can be so powerful.  A lot of time passes in just 11 minutes and you truly feel like you come to know Gertie and Sam over the course of the film.  Because it is a short film, every moment counts.  There is no filler.  Instead, every minute of the film is about getting to know Gerite and Sam and following them on their journey.  You come to care about them.  You share their joy and you share their heartbreak and, in the end, you’re happy that they have one another.

From the minute you see Gertie buying every single pregnancy test at the local convenience store and then pacing in front of a dead plant after getting the results, you feel as if you know who she is.  From the minute that Sam starts stuttering as he tries to figure out the right way to respond to Gertie’s news, you know who Sam is.  It’s kind of impossible not to love Sam and Gertie and to get caught up in their story.

And all it took was 11 minutes!

Through May 6th, Still Wylde and several other films that would have been featured at this year’s SXSW are currently available for free on Prime.  Definitely check them all out.  Let’s do what we can to support brave and honest filmmakers like Ingrid Haas and so many others during this difficult time.

Now, I’m going to go cry for a little bit more….

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