Suspect, Short Film, Review (Dir Dean Loxton)


Screenshot (56).png

Happy Horrorthon! This short from Dean Loxton is a thriller throwback.  Abdul (Akin Gazi)  is in a relationship with an unstable SJW (Madeleine Sims-Fewer).  It clocks in at about 8 minutes, but it throws you right into the suspense.  Abdul is looking at body of woman and he gets a call- “Did you do it?”

The story is told in a flashback where we learn about his SJW girlfriend and the frustration Abdul with life and being in love with someone unstable.  As someone who nearly married an unstable person, I could relate to Abdul. He was on edge because he never knew what was coming next with his girlfriend.  This edge keeps you guessing until the end.

Dean Loxton sets the mood for a great thriller and you can watch it in just 7 minutes and change!!! I highly recommend this film.  It really keeps you on edge and keeps you guessing.

See Suspect on Vimeo Here!

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