The Cats of Ulthar, Review by Case Wright


Happy Horrorthon! In The Cats of Ulthar by Lovecraft, there is a town that has a strict rule: Do not kill cats and NO DANCING! Most people have this don’t kill cats thing as an unspoken rule, but for the people of Ulthar, it had to be written the fuck down!  The town wasn’t always this way.  The town had two old psychopaths that got their jollies out of luring and slaying cats just for the Memmmmmmories.  Poor Rum Tum Tugger never saw it coming.  For him, a new day would not begin.

Everything was going purrrrfectly, until a bunch of demonish people passed through Ulthur.  The travelers had a child with them who had a wee kitten, but not for long because when the the travelers fell asleep, the old couple decided all nine lives of the  kitten must end and not even Elaine Paige’s voice could save it.

This made the boy demon all bummed out so he he summoned demons to empower the town’s cats to eat the elderly couple and they did have one big Fancy Feast! So, the town made the no killing cats rule, which caused a severe lasagna shortage and general hatred of Mondays.


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