Music Video of the Day: Monster by Big Data, feat. Jamie Liddell (2018, dir by Ghost+Cow)

Welcome to October!

Since this is the first post of the first day of Horrorthon, it just seemed appropriate to select the video of Big Data’s Monster as music video of the day.  This wonderfully paranoid video will inspire you to put Alexa back in the box.  Or, at the very least, to consider doing it.  I mean, could you really live without her?  Anyway, this video has a nice sort of Wes Craven/John Carpenter feel to it.  Those glowing red eyes are haunting.

It’s a well acted video too and Big Data was kind enough to list the full cast and crew on YouTube.  (More artists should do this.)  Here they are:

Directed by GHOST + COW

Written by BIG DATA and GHOST + COW

Story and Executive Produced by BIG DATA

Produced by Steve Cozzarelli


Claire Burns as Mary

David Levin as Gerry

Juliet Brett as Alison

Alexander Jameson as Brandon

Sondra James Weil – Neighbor

Lizy Ryan as L1ZY

Director of Photography – Luke McCoubrey

Edited by Geordie Anderson

Score and original music by BIG DATA

Sound design and mix by Brian Goodheart

Sonic Union Producer – Halle Petro

Colored by Ashley Ayarza

Nice Shoes Producer – Elizabeth Mitchell

VFX artist – Tim Mearini

Production designer – Jana Bergstedt

Makeup / SFX artist – Emma Berley

Art PA / Driver – Scott Raven

Wardrobe Stylist – Kayci Rothweiler

1st AD – Ruby Walters

Assistant camera – Julian Tran

Sound mixer – Edward Morris

Camera PA – Beth Fletcher

Key Grip – Jesse Moritz

Grips – Landon Yost, Mitch Perrin

Gaffer – Jesse Sanchez-Strauss Swing – Rylie Patterson

Production assistants – Smij McBee, Angie Blas

Special thanks to alldayeveryday productions, De Boer Media

EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to the Gudis Family for their incredible generosity.

As for the rest of October, I can’t guarantee that every music video that we’re going to share this month is going to have a horror theme.  To be honest, there aren’t that many good horror-themed music videos out there and we already featured the majority of them over the past two Octobers.  I mean, there’s only so many times that we can analyze Number of the Beast.  Still, we’ll be keeping our eyes open for any good videos we may have missed and, as we do every October, we’ll do our best to keep things properly spooky here at the TSL Bunker!

Enjoy October and get ready for the greatest Horrorthon ever!


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