Artist Profile: Bruce Minney (1928 — 2013)

Voyage to the Forgotten Ice World (by Bruce Minney)

Bruce Minney was known as the man who could paint anything.  Born in Oakland, California, he graduated from the California School of the Arts in 1946 and quickly made a name for himself as a professional illustrator. He did most of his work in the pulps, doing illustrations and painting covers for every genre imaginable, from science fiction to western to crime to the war stories that appeared in men’s magazines.  His illustrations were full of action, with manly men and voluptuous women in exciting and often dangerous situations.  He worked prolifically up until his retirement in the 90s, at which point he took up ceramics and sculpting.

Here are just a few of Bruce Minney’s many illustrations:

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  2. Bruce was born in 1928 in Oakland, California. As a child, Minney loved to draw and after graduating from Oakland High in 1946, he was accepted by the California School of Arts and Crafts. After graduation, he married his high school sweetheart, Doris Schulz, and soon their daughter was born. To support his young family, Bruce got a job with United Airlines as a baggage handler. Determined to persuade his artistic career, he worked on samples for his portfolio at night. After an unsuccessful trip to New York looking for illustration work, Bruce quit the airline and got a job as a fireman in Orinda. Eventually, he hooked up with Eddie Balcourt, a well-known artist s representative, and began his career as a professional illustrator.


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