Music Video of the Day: Like A Kennedy by Joywave (2019, dir by Dear Mr Quistgaard)

This is a dark song and an even darker video.  How many times can Daniel get shot in the head?  The video seems to suggest that it’s going to happen an infinite amount of times.  After each shot, you just put a new Daniel in his place.  Judging from the song’s lyrics, he just wants to be happy but he can’t stop obsessing on everything that’s happening in the world.  It makes his want to explode like …. well, like a Kennedy riding in motorcade next to his wife….

I mean, goddamn, this is dark!

Of course, when you live in Texas (and especially when you’re in Dallas), it’s pretty much impossible to escape the shadow of JFK.  Even though it happened over 50 years ago, people always bring up the fact that John F. Kennedy died here.  People up North especially love to bring it up, as if we should all be hanging our heads in shame over something that happened before many of us were even born.  Oddly, Los Angeles is never solely blamed for the assassination of Robert Kennedy nor is Buffalo continually references as being “the city where McKinley was shot.”

Well, here’s what I can tell you.  Jack Ruby was from Chicago and Lee Harvey Oswald lived in the Bronx for a year.  Blaming one city for one event that was perpetrated by outsiders is just dumb.  (Yes, Oswald acted alone.  FIGHT ME!)

Anyway, enjoy!

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