Love On The Range: The Covers of Cowgirl Romances

Yee-haw!  It’s time to celebrate love on the range with Cowgirl Romances!

Cowgirl Romances was published by Fiction House, a publishing company that operated from 1938 to 1954.  Twelve issues of Cowgirl Romances were published between 1950 and 1952 and, judging from the covers below, it looks like they featured all of the dusty romance and hot cattle rustling that a girl could hope for.  All of these covers were done by Maurice Whitman, who understood that, on the range, guns and kisses go together like blacksmiths and horseshoes.  The other thing about these covers is that they show that real cowgirls can take care of themselves out in the wild, except for issue #10.  I don’t know how she is going to outrun a mountain lion in high heels.

Here are the covers of Cowgirl Romances:

Music Video of The Day: Low by Kelly Clarkson (2003, dir by Antti Jokinen)

“Oh my God, is Kelly Clarkson on shrooms!?”

No, I don’t think that’s the case.  I think she just has a lot on her mind.  She’s just broken up with her boyfriend and now she’s stolen his jeep and she’s driving around South Texas.  She has a destination in mind….

“Okay, then why does she keep seeing weird stuff?”

Hell, have you ever driven around South Texas in a jeep?  You’re going to seem some stuff that’s going to make you doubt the existence of any sort of benevolent force in the universe….

Personally, I like to think of this video as being a sequel to From Justin to Kelly.  Like maybe Kelly’s stolen Justin’s jeep and now, she’s going to kick it off a cliff.  Maybe that’s why there was never a From Justin To Kelly Part 2.

Or, maybe, the jeep itself is possessed by the devil and Kelly’s visions are part of an effort to distract her from completing her mission.  Maybe Kelly is on a mission for God.  So, maybe this video belongs in the same genre as The Car, Christine, or The Wraith.

Well, whatever the case may be, let’s just be happy that Kelly got out before the jeep went over the cliff.  Still, you do have to wonder how she’s going to get home….

I have to say that, if I ever had to deal with demonic possession, Kelly Clarkson would probably be the first person who I would call to help me out because Kelly Clarkson just kicks ass.  She’s a Texas girl like me but her singing voice is like a 100 times better than mine.  I’ve actually got  lot of respect for Kelly because she’s one of the few American Idol winners to actually make a name for herself as an independent artist.  Like you can tell that she wasn’t going to let the show prepackage her as some sort of generic, safe performer.  She got what she needed out of the show and then she struck out on her own.  That’s one reason why this video works.  As you watch it, you have no doubt that, in real life, Kelly Clarkson would probably do the same thing that she’s doing here.  Like if some rich guy in El Paso ever cheated on Kelly Clarkson?  You better bet his car’s going right over the Franklin Mountains.