Weekly Reading Round-Up : 10/28/2018 – 11/03/2018, Richard Alexander’s “Richy Vegas Comics”

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

There’s no road map for this series. It eschews all comparison, not so much as a matter of design or intent, but simply because cartoonist Richard Alexander pays absolutely no heed to anyone else’s arbitrarily-imposed “rules” and, as a result, his Richy Vegas Comics is utterly without peer — and frankly even belies very little by way of outside influence. It is the product of a singular aesthetic vision, and speaks in its own self-created visual language.

Which probably sounds like a real mouthful when describing what is ostensibly “yet another” autobio comic. But don’t let’s categorize this so simply. Alexander, after all, operates in a format no one else does — he literally draws on paper plates, and the end result is oversized, spiral-bound comics that engage in a type of hermetically-sealed storytelling specifically suited to this particular format. Each page, in fact, is a self-contained “universe” unto itself, even…

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