“Horror” Scenes That I Love: The Birds Attack in Birdemic

To be honest, when it comes to bad movies, 2010’s Birdemic is kind of overrated.

I mean, yes — it is such an amazingly inept film that you do have to watch it at least once.  And yes, I do occasionally still find myself singing that “hanging out with my family” song to myself.

But compared to something like The Room or April Rain, Birdemic is actually a pretty dull film.  I’ve watched it maybe four or five times and it’s always been with a bit of reluctance.  The Room, on the other hand, is a film that you can watch over and over again.

(Or, at least you could until The Disaster Artist came out.  As brilliant as The Disaster Artist was, I kinda lost interest in The Room after watching it.  Incredibly, I haven’t gone to one showing of The Room this year.  Actually. now I’m feeling guilty about that.  I guess I’ll have to watch The Room sometime tonight.  Anyway….)

That said, there are a few scenes from Birdemic that are always good for a laugh.  Personally, I enjoy this one.  Just watch those birds attack!

2 responses to ““Horror” Scenes That I Love: The Birds Attack in Birdemic

  1. Terrible, yes. Less watchable than Troll 2, yes. But I’d still rather watch that scene than sit through any ten seconds of Birdman every day of the week.
    How long before there’s another new category of Oscars for Best Shitty Movie? You should write a post on that, listing nominees for our consideration…

    Keep up the excellent work


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