Horror on the Lens: Final Sacrifice (dir by Tjardus Greidanus)

Today’s horror on the lens comes to us all the way from Canada!

In the 1990 film, The Final Sacrifice, a lot of stuff happens.  In fact, the plot is almost as hard to follow as the plot of Raiders of the Living Dead.  There’s a cult leader named Satoris, who is always wearing a suit.  There’s a bunch of professional wrestlers who wear masks and are always running through the woods.  There’s a teenager who looks like a cross between Anthony Perkins and Roddy McDowall.  He’s being chased by the cultists but, fortunately, he meets a guy with a mullet.  Together, they meet a wiley old prospector and they all work together to discover a lost city or something like that.

Did I mention that this film makes no sense?  If you need further proof, you can check out my review over at Horror Critic.

That said, The Final Sacrifice is kinda fun, especially if you’re a fan of Candian exploitation films like I am.  It might not make much sense but at least it’s weird and that surely must count for something.

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