“Daygloayhole” : Ben Passmore Proves That The More Things Change —

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

I don’t know what kind of music Ben Passmore listens to, but his work definitely has an admirably DIY punk “vibe” to it, not just aestehtically, but narratively — which may come as something of a surprise to readers only familiar with his best-known book, last year’s Ignatz-winning Your Black Friend. That comic was an expertly-structured treatise on as relevant a topic as one can possibly imagine, emotionally resonant to be sure, but designed primarily to engage readers on an intellectual level. It succeeded in everything it set out to do with flying colors, but marked something of a departure for the newly-minted “genius” cartoonist behind it, who certainly never shied away from the political in his earlier work — but neither did he place it front and center in such a frank manner, choosing instead to let it inform, rather than define, prior efforts.

Now that…

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