Sick of Reading About The Oscars? Here’s the Son of Godzilla (dir by Jun Fukuda)

Hi!  Are y’all sick of reading about the Oscars yet?  I mean, here at the Shattered Lens, we love the Oscars but I’m sure, by this point, some of our readers are ready to move on.  Well, don’t worry!  We haven’t forgotten about you!

And neither has … Minya, the son of Godzilla!

Oh my God, it’s Minya!

Now, as you can probably tell from this picture above, Minya doesn’t bear that much of a resemblance to his father.  I’m going to guess that he got his looks from the mother’s side of the family.  We really can’t say for sure because we don’t really get the exact details of how Minya came to be.  We get to watch as Minya hatches out of an egg but we’re never sure who laid the egg.  For all we know Godzilla laid the egg.

Then again, there’s also some debate as to whether or not Godzilla is actually Minya’s father.  When Minya hatches out of the egg, Godzilla shows up on the island to protect him but, before that, it’s not like we ever saw Godzilla actually taking care of the egg or anything.  In fact, right before Minya hatched, a bunch of giant preying mantis things were on the verge of eating the egg…

That means that Godzilla is either a really crappy father or this movie is about Godzilla kidnapping a baby monster.

Oh well, it’s probably best not to think too much about it because Minya is absolutely adorable!  He can’t really roar that well.  And when he tries to breathe atomic fire, he just ends up producing some atomic smoke rings instead.  Fortunately, Godzilla does get off his lazy ass long enough to teach Minya how to create flame.

It’s a pretty good thing that Godzilla shows up because remember those giant preying mantises that I mentioned earlier?  Well, they are literally everywhere.  Minya is definitely going to need Godzilla’s help if he’s going to defeat those things!

Now, admittedly, 1967’s Son of Godzilla may be fun and cute but it shares a flaw in common with a lot of Godzilla movies.  There’s way too many humans involved!  Seriously, when you watch a movie like this, you’re watching because you want to watch the monsters go at each other.  No one cares if Tokyo gets leveled as a result.  You just want to see a rubber monster fight.

But these later Godzilla films always seem to make the mistake of bringing in a bunch of humans who act shocked whenever the monsters show up.  With the number of times that Godzilla’s destroyed Japan, I would think that people would start taking a more nonchalant attitude towards him.  “Oh, it’s Godzilla again.  I’ll lock the door.  What’s for dinner?”  In this case, the humans are a bunch of weather scientists who are hanging out on the island.  There’s also a mysterious woman, a native of the island, who shows up because almost every Japanese monster movie made in the 60s and 70s had a mysterious woman living on an island.

Anyway, the humans aren’t important.  What’s important is the bond between Godzilla and his son, Minya!  Just check these two out!


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