Music Video of the Day: Pet Sematary by Plain White T’s (2012, dir. ???)

Thank you, Pet Sematary. People’s obsession with covering you have helped to knock off three days in October with a single song–so far.

I had no idea that Plain White T’s still existed. All I remember is Hey There Delilah. That song was played to death when I was in college. It appears they did some other stuff. I never would have thought that they would cover a Ramones song, but then again, I know people had a similar reaction when Green Day did Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life), so whatever. I still think Plain White T’s is an odd choice. Tom Higgenson’s vocals don’t fit. They do a fine job of making the song kid friendly, but it just sounds wrong to me.

The video is okay. I like that, while still being a band-performs-with-cutaways-to-movie-footage video, it does integrate them visually. It’s not jarring when they cut between the two. Unfortunately, they don’t integrate the band into the movie in some fashion. That would be a tall order since Frankenweenie (2012) is animated. The best they do is have the family from the movie watch a reenactment of the last shot from the original Ramones video.

Oh, well. They can’t all be Freddy Krueger having a nightmare about Dokken or Lemmy playing cards with Pinhead.


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