After Pluto: I am my new normal

Review of the new web series After Pluto

After pluto


Lane Allison as Truman Welles

Griffin Burns as Wes Welles

Christopher Carver as Ian Barnes

Tiffany Commons as Diane Montgomery


You are a best selling author, married to the perfect man, having the life you dreamed of and everything is perfe……. Forget about it….

Whoa! Let’s back up for a bit. Birthday partayyy!! *Shhuusssh* we all should just *shush*

It’s Trumans (Lane Allison) birthday and all of her friends are throwing her an unexpected party when then unexpected Tru shows up. As all of the guest listen in, Tru reviles that she has recently filed for divorce. *Suprise* Oh, wait, I did that early; Tru’s husband, Ian shows up to the party. *SUPRISE* …Umm, awkward!

Then a *trip* down the stairs…

Then let’s fall right into this….six weeks later…with no memory of what is going on….

What is left of your life with no memories? How do you put your life back together?

“I am my new normal”

We all love a marriage counselor who can’t get his stories straight! We just need the “meat and potatoes” of this. I love how the “therapist” turns things on himself!

“What is the last thing you remember” “Pluto being downgraded as a planet”

“Shit…” “And you are going to need to soon” I love how Tru an Ian are getting along now!

Just to be honest, I want somebody to love me the way Ian loves Tru!

There are things we need to talk about:

Especially the *slippery condom* But we will get to that later! I hope!

“We need to know about Emma!”

Can Diane be anymore awesome? (she is pretty damn awesome!)


Actually, I really loved this pilot of a web series!

Looking forward to more episodes, and I have it on good authority from After Pluto’s production company (A Right Forever Productions) that new episodes are coming soon!

After Pluto pilot episode can be found here:


More information about new episodes can be found at their website

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