Music Video of the Day: Shot In The Back Of The Head by Moby (2009, dir. David Lynch)

I’m going to need a little help, and even then, I can only tell you what I see. Here is what Wikipedia says about the video:

“The music video for the song, directed and animated by David Lynch, was released on April 14, 2009 on The video contains crude drawings of various objects and landscapes, such as cityscapes and factories. The music video’s plot follows a man, whose lover is a woman’s head. An unknown person shoots the man in the back of the head, murdering him. The woman’s head jumps on the killer and murders him. The video concludes with drawings of the night sky as the video fades to black.”

I see us being introduced to a dirty and dank city before we enter an apartment where a man enters from the bottom of the screen–jiggling while he does it. Why is he jiggling? I thought of masturbating at first, but after watching the video a few more times, it feels more like anticipation then anything else. Then a floating head come up, reaches him, and disembodies one of his arms when it cuts outside.

That’s followed by an arm holding a gun that comes in and fires a shot at the man’s head. It’s ambiguous as to whether it actually blows his head off or not with that shot. I believe that was the intention because you do see her head appear right over his. However, you also don’t see it travel around his head. That’s immediately followed by–we assume–the killer leaving the building. We have to assume it is the killer seeing as she’s a head and we have no real reason to believe he isn’t dead–at least dead in his head.

More city follows before cutting to a shot that looks like it’s from Rabbits (2002). It also looks like a guy with a missing head that is smoking off the top of it. We then see what I believe to be the American flag in the background underneath all the black lines. You could also see it simply as stars in the night sky. Smog travels across it before we cut to a guy walking.

Then what looks like the guy from the beginning, minus the top of his head, appears to be looking at us while the flag continues to wave in the background. Then the man dives down to the bottom of the screen. Note that depending on how you look at that shot, it can be seen as her diving downwards where his head would be.

After her head flies across the city, we see his disembodied hand pass over the flag.

Feel free to interpret it as you please. It’s Lynch after all.


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