Music Video of the Day: Movies by Alien Ant Farm (2001, dir. Tamra Davis)

But I thought that the music video for Movies by Alien Ant Farm had the band jumping into a theater screen? They did. It just took them three videos to get there. Yes, there are three versions of this music video. Why? I know that the third one was shot after the success of Smooth Criminal. That makes sense. Why was this one was replaced? Maybe because it looks like it is in bad taste, cheap, and generic. Just a guess. It could also have had something to do with this part:








Sure, we get that the point is supposed to be that, like the other girls, there’s something monsterish about her. In her case, she grows male muscles when she is turned on. Still, if mvdbase is to be believed, they shot another one that aired in March of 2001, which would coincide with the release of the album the song is on. Maybe that bit bothered people, so they made a new one. Maybe they wanted a more modern look. I don’t know.

Obviously I’m doing this music video today because of the Oscars. I honestly didn’t know that there were three versions of this video. I guess this will finish out February.

Now I have to sort out a little conflicting information. There seems to be no disagreement between IMVDb, mvdbase, and Wikipedia when it comes to the version we all know where they jump into a theater screen. That one was directed Marc Klasfeld who also did Smooth Criminal, and a few other videos for the band. The disagreement is over whether this version, or the next version, was done by Tamra Davis rather than Marcos Siega.


That’s from the second version. M. Siega is director Marcos Siega and R. Nickell is cinematographer Ramsey Nickell. You can see the date as well.

Another way I’m sure this is the first version is that this video fits with the origin of the name of the band. According to guitarist Terry Corso in a Reddit AMA:

“Oh that was just my daydream about planet seeding by entities from other dimensions. bored at work stuff”

The women are the aliens who have come to where they are performing and each member of the band daydreams about each of them turning out to be an alien that tries to have sex with them. It makes sense to me that this was the first version unless someone comes along with additional information.

According to mvdbase, this was Tamra Davis’ last music video. It’s funny to note that while Davis didn’t do the jumping-into-the-theater-screen version, that one does feature the character of Veruca Salt, and she did direct a video for the band Veruca Salt.

Jeff Selis edited this music video. He also did Dragula for Rob Zombie. He’s edited well over 100 music videos, so we’ll see plenty more of his work in the future.


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