A Movie A Day #40: In the Cold of the Night (1990, directed by Nico Mastorakis)

51zd7jstaol-_sy445_Scott Bruin (Jeff Lester) is a high fashion photographer who is haunted by nightmares in which he strangles a naked woman in the swimming pool.  His nymphomaniac girlfriend, Lena (Shannon Tweed!), is surprisingly understanding when she wakes up to discover Scott strangling her but Scott is worried that he might be losing his mind.  His psychiatrist (David Soul) is not much help.  When Scott has a violent vision in the middle of photo shoot, he freaks out.  “Hey, are you on drugs?” one of the models asks.

Then Scott meets Kimberly (Adrienne Sachs) and she looks exactly like the woman from his dreams.  When she invites him to back to her house, the house looks exactly like the house from his nightmares.  Is Scott going crazy or is he seeing the future?  And how is Kimberly’s ex, a cold businessman named Ken Strom (Marc Singer), involved?

Does anyone remember this movie?  In the 90s, this used to be on HBO and Cinemax all of the time.  It’s a typical sex-fueled, nudity-filled direct-to-video thriller but Nico Mastorakis, a Greek director who has obviously learned a lot from Brian DePalma, gives the movie an enjoyably slick sheen.  Neither Jeff Lester nor Adrienne Sachs gives a good performance and the plot feels like it was made up on the spot but fans of Shannon Tweed in her Skinemax heyday might enjoy it.

In the Cold of the Night also features Tippi Hedren, playing Kimberly’s mother.  She only appears in one scene and freaks out when she sees some birds.  The scene ends with Adrienne Sachs looking directly at the camera and saying, “Mother simply hates birds!”

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