Here’s the 2nd Trailer for Star Trek Beyond!

I honestly don’t know much about Star Trek but I have seen both Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6 and, if I didn’t already know that Justin Lin was the director of the latest Star Trek film, I could have guessed from watching the 2nd trailer for Stark Trek Beyond.

(I’m also guessing that Star Trek Beyond is in no way related to Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond, which is a shame really.)

Seriously, judging from this trailer, Star Trek Beyond looks exciting and that should make for a nice change from the last Star Trek film.  It also appears that the Enterprise gets destroyed during Star Trek Beyond so I guess this must be the last movie….

(I’m totally kidding, calm down.)

One final note: somebody needs to make a movie starring Simon Pegg and Karl Urban as two cops who may break all the rules but who … GET RESULTS!

Anyway, until that happens, we can watch Simon and Karl in the trailer for Star Trek Beyond!

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