A Few Thoughts On The X-Files 10.4 (“Home Again”)


Tonight’s episode of The X-Files had the unenviable task of following last week’s episode, Mulder & Scully Meet The Weremonster.  As our own Leon the Duke pointed out over on twitter, that episode was not only the best of season 10 but one of the best of the series overall.  It was also that episode that convinced me, who up until that point had been a skeptic about The X-Files revival, to stick with this show.

Interestingly enough (and this is something that did not occur to me until about five minutes agp), Mulder & Scully Meet The Weremonster was also the halfway point of this 6-episode revival.  I assume that both tonight’s episode and the next week’s episode are meant to set the foundation for the season finale, My Struggle II.  A good deal of tonight’s episode consisted of Mulder and Scully just talking.  With Scully’s mother dying in the hospital, they talked about the “big” issues of life, death, and family.  They also talked about their son, William.  This is the son that they gave up for adoption and which they both ususally spend a good deal of time trying not to talk or think about.

So, I’m going to make this prediction right now.  It’s not a huge prediction and I’m hardly the first one to make it.  You’ve probably already made it yourself.  The 6th episode of season 10 — My Struggle II — will be about William.  At first, I thought that William would probably be reunited with his parents during this episode but, narratively, that’s short-sighted and way too easy.  Instead, I imagine that season 10 will end with either Scully or Mulder announcing that he or she is going to find their son and rescue him from whatever conspiracy has gotten its hands on him.

And that search will lead to Season 11 and perhaps every season after that.  It’s a search that will go on until Fox decides to cancel the show for a second time.  And I’ll be watching as Mulder and/or Scully search for William because, despite my initial skepticism, The X-Files has captured me.  Though I still sometimes strain to understand what they’re saying and I’m starting to get seriously concerned about my hearing, I’ve grown to love the chemistry between David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.  That chemistry was on full display in tonight’s episode.  If last week’s episode featured Duchovny at his deadpan best, this episode was all about Anderson.  It was heart breaking to watch her as she struggled to deal with her mother’s death and the legacy of her fractured family.

As for this week’s monster — well, the Trashman was no Weremonster but he was still scary enough to make me go, “Agck!” whenever he showed up and he helped to turn Downtown into an unlikely but powerful anthem of doom.  As well, whenever he popped out of the back of that trash truck, I was reminded of the final scene of Once Upon A Time In America and that’s always a good thing.

(Seriously, Once Upon A Time In America is such a good movie!)

Overall, it was a good episode and I look forward to seeing what happens next week.  Also, I’m going to keep referring to William as “Sculder” until that becomes his official nickname.  It may not happen tomorrow but give me two years and Sculder will a trending topic.

It’s going to happen!

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