Hallmark Review: October Kiss (2015, dir. Lynne Stopkewich)


This is one of those Hallmark movies that has me scratching my head. Not because it doesn’t make sense. It does. Not because it is screwed up. I actually like this one quite a bit. What has me confused is the title. Yes, it takes place during October. Yes, the boy and girl eventually kiss, but it’s not like that is some central plot point. Oh, well.


That’s Poppy (Ashley Williams) running a yoga class when she invites another lady up to show something. Poppy notices that this lady is quite good and asks if she wants to run the class. She says sure, so Poppy leaves. We then see her leave another job. The point is that she seems to have a fear of committing, but it really isn’t quite like that. It’s more that she just hasn’t found something that truly makes her happy and is willing to quit something at the drop of a hat.


That’s when she stumbles into the job of being a temporary nanny for a couple of kids. She is going to be their nanny through Halloween since their dad is in the middle of the release of a new app he has been developing. He’s going to be busy and could use some help. Seeing as its only temporary and everything, she agrees to do it.


What do you know? She’s good at it. Williams is a delight in this movie. I hate when a review is this short, but there is really not much more to talk about. As she spends more time with the kids, she spends more time with their father.


There is a wrong girl, but she has class and steps aside. He decides he needs to spend more time with his family. She figures out that she’s found someplace and someone that doesn’t just satisfy her temporarily, but is something more permanent. It’s not a particularly original Hallmark movie by any stretch of the imagination. It’s just done well, which makes it an entertaining, but throwaway movie. That’s all a Hallmark movie really should be. There’s a reason they make so many of them. I just wish more of them could be like this and none of them be like A Country Wedding.

5 responses to “Hallmark Review: October Kiss (2015, dir. Lynne Stopkewich)

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  3. Anyone know the name of that song that Ryan and Poppy start dancing two when talking about their fictional wedding scenario in the kitchen? It’s a older song, I want to say probably from the 60’s or 70’s…

    ‘She keeps me guessing’, followed by, ‘never/ don’t know what she’s thinking.’

    I can’t seem to find a track-listing for this movie anywhere! 😦

    HELP, please! 😐


  4. Just a friendly tip. Probably a good idea to add a Spoiler warning at the beginning when you write how the movie ends in the rewieu 🙂 Not that the ending is a big surprise but still. Nice pictures in the rewieu thou 🙂


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