What Lisa Watched Last Night #142: Are You My Daughter? (dir by Jason Bourque)

Last night, I watched the latest Lifetime movie premiere, Are You My Daughter?


Why Was I Watching It?

Because it was on Lifetime, of course!  Of course, I was only able to watch the 1st hour before I had to change the channel over to SyFy so I could watch They Found Hell.  But, fortunately, Lifetime always shows their movies twice so, once They Found Hell was over with, I was able to turn back to Lifetime and catch the final hour of Are You My Daughter?

What Was It About?

14 years ago, Laura Paddington’s (Brooke Langton) 3 year-0ld daughter disappeared.  In the years since, Laura has suffered from a lot of guilt.  She’s also seen her marriage to Richard (Mike Dopud) end in divorce.

At first, when Laura meets Jacob (Peter Benson) is a support group, he seems like the perfect guy.  Jacob tells Laura that she has to move on from the disappearance of her daughter and, under Jacob’s guidance, Laura finally decides to clean out her daughter’s old bedroom.

However, when Laura attempts to donate her daughter’s clothes to the local shelter, she is shocked when she meets Rebecca (Stephanie Bennett).  Rebecca not only looks like a teenage version of her daughter but she also has the same birthmark on the back of her neck!  After Rebecca gets a DNA test, it is confirmed that she is Laura’s daughter!

Or is she?  When Richard meets her, he is immediately suspicious of both Rebecca and Jacob.  Is Richard being paranoid or is Laura the victim of a very cruel con?

What Worked?

There are certain directors who I’m always happy to see listed in the opening credits of a Lifetime or a SyFy movie.  Whenever I see that a film was directed by Doug Campbell, Grant Harvey, or Griff Furst, I always know that I’m going to see a movie that’s better than the average Lifetime melodrama.  The director of Are You My Daughter, Jason Bourque, is another one of those directors.  He’s directed and written his share of films for both Lifetime and SyFy and his films are always very entertaining and well-done.  That’s definitely the case with Are You My Daughter, which is a fun and twisty little melodrama.  (Bourque also directed a film called Black Fly, which I reviewed on this site a few months ago.)

As well, Stephanie Bennett did a good job as Rebecca/Zoe.  She kept you guessing.

What Did Not Work?

It all worked.  This was a fun and enjoyable Lifetime movie.

“Oh my God!  Just like me!” Moments

I’m not a mother yet but once I am, I am going to be so overprotective.  Seriously, my kids are never going to be out of my sight.  It’s hard for me to think of anything more terrifying than having your child disappear.

Lessons Learned

Keep an eye on your children.


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