Horror on TV: Twilight Zone 2.5 “The Howling Man”


This is one of my favorite episode of The Twilight Zone. I originally shared it two years ago but it has subsequently been taken off of YouTube. At first, that upset me but then I realized that it gave me the perfect excuse to share it again!

In The Howling Man, American wanderer Dave Ellington (H.M. Wynant) comes across a castle. There’s a man (Robin Hughes) being held prisoner in the castle. Brother Jerome (the great John Carradine) explains that the man is the devil. The man says that Brother Jerome is crazy. Dave Ellington has to decide who to believe.

This well-acted, dream-like episode was written by Charles Beaumont and directed by Douglas Heyes. It originally aired on November 4th, 1960.

One response to “Horror on TV: Twilight Zone 2.5 “The Howling Man”

  1. A very interesting episode. In old time Europe, a man named Ellington stumbles across a small almost Translyvania like castle, knocks on the door and is met by these long bearded old testament looking men in robes holding these long canes. The lead man, Jarome, with a long white beard and robe, looking sort of like Noah, refuses Ellington’s request for food and shelter and tells him to leave. On way out the door, he faints. Upon awakening, he sees this man locked up in a cell who claims to be an innocent victim and says all these men there are mad and have unfairly locked him up. However, all that holds his door shut is one of those long canes( which I forgot what they called them in this episode). Ellington is confused by all this, he questions Jerome who tells Ellington the man locked up is the devil. The rest of the episode revolves around Ellington deciding how to handle the situation. I won’t spoil the ending and write it here. Good episode.


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