Horror on The Lens: Don’t Go To Sleep (dir by Richard Lang)

For today’s horror on the lens, we present Don’t Go To Sleep!

In this TV movie from 1982, a little girl is killed in a horrific car crash.  Her family blames themselves for her death and they really should.  The father (Dennis Weaver) was drunk.  The mother (Valerie Harper) didn’t keep her drunk husband from driving.  Finally, the girl’s brother (Oliver Robins) and sister (Robin Ignico) were playing a prank on her when the car crashed.  By tying her shoe laces together, they made it impossible for her to get out of the car.

However, they’re not the only ones who blame themselves.  The dead girl blames them as well.  When the family moves out to the country and attempts to heal, the girl’s ghost goes with them.  And soon, she is encouraging her sister to kill the other members of the family.

And that’s just what happens.

Seriously, this movie took me by surprise.  For a movie that made for network television in 1982, it’s a surprisingly dark film that doesn’t shy away from graphically killing off most of the cast.  It’s a surprisingly effective little film and you can watch it below!

(Thank you to my wonderful cousin, Toni Posados, for recommending this film!)

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