Artist Profile: James Avati (1912 — 2005)

Painter James Avati has been called both the “Father of the Paperback Book Covers” and the “Rembrandt of Paperback Book Covers.”  Born in New Jersey, Avati studied architecture at Princeton University and, after serving in World War II, became a prolific commercial illustrator and cover artist.  At first he used professional models but the majority of his paintings used friends, family, and people he spotted on the streets of Red Bank, New Jersey.  Ten years before his death at the age 92, Avati was inducted into the Society of Illustrators’ Hall Of Fame.

bantam_far_cry signet_if_he_hollers_let_him_go signet_nightmare_alley tragic ground z1 z2 z3 z4 z5 z6 z7 z8 z9 z10


One response to “Artist Profile: James Avati (1912 — 2005)

  1. Anyone born in NJ is ok with me!

    Is the job of Ombudsman of Paperback Book Covers still available? If so, sign me up



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