International Trailer: Good Kill

Everyone seems to be in agreement that Ethan Hawke is going to get an Oscar nomination next week for his performance in Boyhood.  Everyone also seems to be in agreement that there’s no way anyone other than J.K. Simmons is going to actually win the Oscar for best supporting actor.  But that’s okay.  Whether you’re watching him in Before Midnight or Dead Poets Society or even Sinister, one thing that is always obvious is that Ethan Hawke is a very good actor.  And he will definitely have other opportunities to win an Oscar or two.

He might even get another chance later this year, with the release of Good Kill.  In Good Kill, he plays a drone pilot who spends his day dropping bombs on people on the other side of the world.  As the job starts to take a toll on both his family and his sanity, he wonders whether the “mission” is really worth it.

This film got a lot of attention at the Toronto Film Festival last year and it was there that it was picked up by Voltage Pictures for a 2015 release.  And, just from watching the international trailer that was released yesterday, Good Kill looks exactly like the type of film that’s always more popular with festival goers than it is with mainstream audiences.  The trailer looks heavy-handed, with Bruce Greenwood doing his Bruce Greenwood thing as Hawke’s commanding officer and January Jones looking way too glamorous to play Hawke’s estranged wife.

But, even if the film itself looks like it might have problems, Ethan Hawke’s performance looks impressively intense.  Of course, we won’t know how impressive (or non-impressive, as the case may be) Hawke’s performance actually is until the film itself is released.

Here’s the international trailer for Good Kill!

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