Cheer Yourself Up With The Brain From Planet Arous

Are you feeling sad?  Does the world seem to be oppressive and overwhelming?  Do you just need a break from all of the nonstop bullshit that seems to be the price that we pay for every day of our existence?

If you answered yes, all I can say is that I know where you’re coming from.  Seriously, I’ve spent this entire month feeling depressed and overwhelmed.  Whenever I feel this way, I’m glad that — nearly 60 years ago — a director named Nathan Juran made a movie called The Brain From Planet Arous.

Seriously, I defy anyone — ANYONE — to remain depressed after having watched this movie.  It’s just so wonderfully ludicrous and silly.  The Brain From Planet Arous is just that, a gigantic floating brain that comes to Earth from a planet called Arous.  The brain, incidentally, has a name and it is Gor.  Gor, it seems, is a criminal, and he’s hiding out on Earth.  He possesses a scientist named Sam (John Agar) and spends most of his time trying to force himself on Sam’s fiancée (Joyce Meadows).  Fortunately, another brain from planet Arous has come to Earth.  Its name is Val and it possesses Sam’s dog and…

Look, the plot is not important.  What is important is that this film features two giant brains floating around and arguing.  It also features an adorable dog and some atomic weapon testing stock footage.  It’s not good but it’s a lot of fun.

Sadly, I’ve read that director Nathan Juran thought so little of this film that he was credited under a fake name.  That’s a shame because you know what?  The Brain From Planet Arous makes me happy and it’ll make you happy too.

Watch it and enjoy!

2 responses to “Cheer Yourself Up With The Brain From Planet Arous

  1. I concur with your opening commentary, and your description alone has brightened an otherwise desultory day week and month.
    Keep up the great work



  2. This is a gem. Agar’s best performance of his career, the lovely Joyce Meadows, disembodied brains taking over German shepherds, and – of course – the fissure of Orlando … Lots of fun


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