Horror On TV: Twilight Zone 5.21 — “Spur of the Moment”

18 year-old Anne Marie Henderson (Diana Hyland) is being pressured, by her family, to marry Robert, a dull stockbroker (Robert Hogan).  However, Anne Marie is still in love with her former fiancee, David (Roger Davis).  As the day of her marriage approaches, Anne Marie suddenly finds herself being chased by a woman in black who yells at her not to get married…

This episode of the Twilight Zone was originally broadcast on February 21st, 1964.  It was directed by Elliot Silverstein and written by Richard Matheson.

2 responses to “Horror On TV: Twilight Zone 5.21 — “Spur of the Moment”

  1. The episode Spur of the Moment was good with just one critisism. Start of episode, it’s 1939, a young Anne Marie is horseback riding when she gets chased by a mysterious woman in black. Anne is frightened and crying about it back home while her parents are comforting her when a young blonde haired man barges in and begs to take Anne back. Anne’s father angrily tells him to get out, then pulls a gun on him. Anne’s father( who reminded me of Daddy Warbucks) was a rich aristocrat who owned the mansion they lived in. 20 years later, we see a middle aged Anne in black(aging makeup was actually fairly convincing). She and her mother(also looking older and more bitter then the 1939 scene). They are discussing Anne’s now late father and Anne’s husband, the blonde man from the 1939 scene, revelation that Anne did marry him. We see another flashback about this move. Then the big revelation(spoiler alert): the woman in black in the beggining of episode in 1939 WAS the 20 year older Anne chasing her younger self trying to warn her who not to marry. Here is my critism: how did the older Anne go back in time twenty years to 1939. There is no explained way or any transitional scene in this episode showing how she did it. Maybe it was like in the episode Walking Distance where you were just simply walking and then suddenly, you were back in time. But in Walking Distance, the character was at least acknowledging that they just skipped time. The older Anne never even mentioned time travel. That was the only hole in this otherwise good episode.


  2. The main character in episode “back there”(the episode where he goes back to the time of Lincoln’s assassination), skips time just by stepping through a doorway. But again, unlike this episode, the character acknowledges that he skipped time.


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