Horror on TV: Twilight Zone — “The Howling Man”

Tonight’s offering of Horror on TV is another episode of The Twilight Zone.

In The Howling Man, H.M. Wynant plays a rational man who, during a walk across Europe, finds himself in an isolated monastery.  Wynant discovers a bearded prisoner (played by Robin Hughes) who explains that he’s being held prisoner because he was caught kissing his girlfriend in public.  However, Brother Jerome (played by the legendary John Carradine) claims that Hughes is the devil himself!  It’s left up to Wynant whether to set the man free or to leave him imprisoned…

Written by Charles Beaumont and directed by Douglas Heyes, The Howling Man is a favorite of mine.  Not only does the show establish and maintain an atmosphere of palpable menace but it also features a brilliant ending.

Enjoy The Howling Man.


3 responses to “Horror on TV: Twilight Zone — “The Howling Man”

  1. “The Howling Man” is one of the relatively few episodes from “The Twilight Zone” where a character breaks the fourth wall (i.e. looks into the camera and speaks directly to the audience). Other such examples that spring to mind are “To Serve Man”, “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”, and “A World of His Own”. Also, dig those “Batman”-style tilted camera angles!

    This episode reminds me of “I Am The Night–Color Me Black”, another episode about evil being unleashed upon the world, from season five, but instead of the Devil, the evil that brings about darkness comes from within people.

    Douglas Heyes directed several episodes of “The Twilight Zone”, including “The Eye of the Beholder” and “The Invaders”. To me, “The Twilight Zone” is very much writer-driven, but “The Eye of the Beholder” and “The Invaders” must have been rather challenging to direct (for reasons that you can discover for yourself).


    • “I am the Night — Color Me Black” is a favorite of mine and will be featured on this site later in the month.

      Sad to say that, as much as I looked, I could not find a full download of Nightmare at 20,000 Feet on YouTube. Since Nightmare is definitely one of the most horrific episodes, you can imagine how disappointed I was. I then did a search for that episode where Shatner is in that roadside diner with the little goblin head telling his future. And, again, it was not available. 😦

      Starting tomorrow, I’ll be featuring three episodes of Hammer House of Horror but the Twilight Zone will be back on Tuesday.


      • The roadside diner episode with the Shat Man is “Nick of Time”. It’s a really great episode, and one of the things that I enjoy about it is that unlike most episodes of “The Twilight Zone”, which tend to hinge upon fantastic elements and require suspension of disbelief, “Nick of Time” could happen in the everyday world.

        Another such episode is the utterly brilliant third season episode “The Shelter”. The scenario is a little more out of the ordinary than the one depicted in “Nick of Time”, but remember the period when “The Shelter” was made–many Americans really were afraid that the Russians would attack their backyard. Even today, it holds up extremely well.

        It’s always fun to discuss which episodes of “The Twilight Zone” people favour. Two of my favourites are “The Invaders” and “Number 12 Looks Just Like You”–absolutely fascinating works of television. Of course, I could be here quite a while discussing my favourites, just so many of them!


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