Horror On The Lens: Strangler Of The Swamp (dir by Frank Wisbar)


Traditionally, October is a very special month here at the Shattered Lens.  October is the month that we devote the majority of our attention to the horror genre.  This month, along with all of the reviews that you’ve come to expect from the Shattered Lens, I will also be attempting to share a horror movie a day with all of our wonderful readers.

Let’s start things off with an odd little B-movie from 1946, Strangler Of The Swamp, a story of love, revenge, and ghosts.  A group of swamp men hanged an innocent man.  Now, the ghost of that man is having his revenge by strangling the descendents of the people who killed him.  One of those descendents is Chris Sanders (played by future director Blake Edwards) who just happens to be in love with Maria (Rosemary La Planche), the granddaughter of the vengeful ghost.

Clocking in at little less than an hour, Strangler Of The Swamp tells a familiar story but it’s still worth watching.  Charles Middleton is effective as the strangler and the German-born director Frank Wisbar deals with the restrictions imposed by a minsicule budget by emphasizing the film’s expressionistic atmosphere.  While it would be a mistake to call Strangler Of The Swamp a lost masterpiece (as some critics have done), it’s still an interesting example of low-budget, B-filmmaking.

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